Zimbabwe Herbal Production Line with 150KG/HOUR Dry Biomass Process Capacity

August, 2021, Both engineers were invited to Zimbabwe to install and commissioning Herbal Production Line with 150KG/HOUR Dry Biomass Process Capacity.

The Herbal production line have the following advantages,

A) Less Energy consumption and high efficiency.

In first extraction process, many people will choose super low temperature in order to decrease the impurity (such as -60~-80 deg. C).

While we can extract at -10 deg. C or even in Room Temperature. So that, we can extract more quickly with this level temperature. (At the same time, more impurities will come out, however, we can solve them in our next purify process)

B) Purify process before distillation.

If you know the distillation problem in the tradition production line. Coking and Jam in the distillation machine is the universal phenomenon, while our purify process can resolve this problem perfectly.

C) Less Space and Less Labor Cost.

In the first extraction process, the traditional way will choose the soaking reactors. With these soaking reactors, complex pipelines connections and increased footprint is a big problem for the user. Besides that, the biomass can't be dry completely in the soaking reactors.

While we use 2 centrifuges in parallel alternate extraction (it is called Countercurrent Extraction). With this way, we can do spinning dry the biomass after extraction, at the same time, for, each batch of biomass will be in 2 passes soaking process, the crude oil can be extracted to 99%.

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D) The newest tech for herbal destroy applied in our line.

The traditional way will choose the HPLC to remove herbal.

While we use the high pressure reactor to destroy herbal, although in the chemical reaction, 3-5% herbal will decomposed at the same time. However, compare to the high cost of HPLC (several hundred thousand dollars or even million dollars) and lower production efficiency. The herbal Destroy way is the best at present.

E) All the solvent during extraction and crystallization can be recycled and regenerated to save your cost.

The line come with the related ethanol Recycle and Regenerate Line.

Post time: Nov-18-2022